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Sylvie Scala & Alessia Rigatti

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Come to Italy by Sangallo Tours cooperates with

Visitmontello is a network that brings together tourism’s professionals focused on the area that comprehend the hills where the famous sparkling wine Prosecco is produced (Valdobbiadene, Asolo).

The partners of our network are restaurateurs, hoteliers, local producers, tour guides and a travel agency / tour operator that coordinate all of this components with a mix of professionality and years of experience -and high level services -in the field.

We all have as a common goal to educate and make people discover the beauty of this area and attract more people to visit and get charmed by it.

We are located in the heart of the Veneto region, in an extremely strategic position, near the main cities of art like Venice, Padua, Verona, Treviso, Bassano, Asolo. The best location for excursions at better prices and high level services than Venice.

Our tours and packages include
  • tailor-made trips, for mini-groups and groups.
  • enogastronimic tourism
  • cultural and naturalistic tourism, as well as electric bike - tours, which perfectly adapt to our hilly area
  • unforgettable experiences: wine tasting, cooking classes, picking grapes during the harvest season
  • weddings in charming context (Palladian Villas, Venetian Villas)